Transmission and Distribution Line Survey


By implementing the new-age image capture and data processing algorithms, you can spot anomalies and hotspots in power lines. With our futuristic solutions integrated with GIS mapping, survey of the power line network is easy and reliable.

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The Boosting Advantages

  1. Significant Drop in Risks and Dangers
  2. Precise Data & Visualization
  3. Shorter Inspections with Detailed Reports
  4. Replacement of Labour and Expensive Equipment
  5. Early Detection of Critical Damage
  6. Easy Detection of Thermal Hotspots and Tree-line Obstructions
  7. 50% Lower Maintenance Costs
  8. 10x Faster Data Acquisition
  9. Huge Reduction in Costs
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  1. Visual Defect Identification of towers
  2. Hotspot Identification
  3. GIS Mapping of Transmission Line
  4. Cable Sag Quotient
  5. Component Defect Checklist
vyomik drones

Vyomik's services combine Power Line Expertise and GIS capabilities to locate vulnerable and critical spots on the transmission line network