Drones for Agriculture Spraying


UAVs have taken farm businesses several feet into the air by replacing manual spraying with aerial spray of chemicals. This significantly trims down the time coverage and cost of production for farmers nationwide.

The maintenance of perfect balance between proportions and spatial distribution of chemicals promises heightened growth of crops. This ensures critical usage of chemicals and the reduction of pesticide use without affecting the crop yield.

vyomik drones

The Boosting Advantages

  1. Achieve Even Spraying Patterns
  2. Reduce Chemical Usage
  3. Time-efficient Spraying Technique
  4. Safer than Conventional Methods
  5. Reduction in Heavy Use of Pesticide (by 30%)
  6. Enhanced Spraying for Increased Penetration
  7. Fully Automated Spraying Operations
  8. Severe Declination in Environmental Pollution
vyomik drones


  1. Pesticide Spraying
  2. Fertilizer Spraying
  3. Crop based Intelligent Spraying
vyomik drones

Vyomik’s Spraying Drone model outperforms conventional spraying methods to suit diverse crop types and varying spraying requirements