Mineral Stockpile Survey


Through timely flights, drones help you measure the stockpile volumes accurately with a hundred-million-point, point cloud. The before and after model analysis of volume excavated can be compared and calculated precisely with drones.

vyomik drones

The Boosting Advantages

  1. Generation of Aerial Terrain Models for the Inventory
  2. Consistent Updation on Stockpile Movement
  3. Effective Management of Stockpiles
  4. Grade Maximisation through Blending of Ore
  5. Backup Support during Supply Disruptions
  6. Efficient Financial Reporting
vyomik drones


  1. DTM/ DSM
  2. Orthomosaic Maps
  3. Contour Maps
  4. DEM
  5. Volumetric Analysis
vyomik drones

The stockpile volumes are measured with a hundred-million-point, point cloud for deep-driven insights into the volume of land excavated