Mining Site Selection


UAV used for mining can collect timely, geo-referenced imagery that is instantly translated into a precise 3D copy of your site to calculate volumes, perform site surveys and much more.

vyomik drones

The Boosting Advantages

  1. Periodical Imagery and Reports
  2. Survey of Mining Activities
  3. Monitoring of Utilities and mining
  4. High Resolution imagery
  5. Efficient Volumetric calculations
  6. 30 Times Faster Data Capture System
  7. Frequent and Precise Reports on Mine Sites
  8. Reducing Downtimes and Savings on Cost
vyomik drones


  1. DTM/ DSM
  2. Orthomosaic Maps
  3. Contour Maps
  4. DEM
  5. Watershed Analysis
vyomik drones

We provide Comprehensive Site Monitoring for analysis of topography changes, Base Mapping, Geotechnical Inspection, and more with Automated Drones