Construction Monitoring


Industries in the Construction and Building Planning Sector leverage technology powered by drones and image analysis, to get the right data about the project. Drones enable well-planned analysis to understand land parameters, elevations, boundaries, and dimensions for structural planning, budget, timeline and project layout.

The 3D data approach with complete aerial analysis overtakes the primitive CAD analysis for elevations and parameters. At any given point of time, aerial analytics is 10X more reliable, accurate and detailed for planning in the shortest time span.

vyomik drones

The Boosting Advantages

  1. Aerial Data Capture and Reporting
  2. Progressive Monitoring with Real-time Analysis
  3. Trackable Construction Plan, Time and Budget
  4. Easy Tracking of Assets by construction Aerial Analysis
  5. Periodic Monitoring using 4K visuals
vyomik drones


  1. DTM, DSM, Orthomosaic Imagery
  2. Watershed Analysis
  3. Photography and Videography
  4. Stockpile Volumetric Analysis
  5. Construction progress reporting
  6. Project 4K Imagery
  7. Contour Maps
vyomik drones

With Vyomik Drones Services, you can regularly monitor On-site Construction Plans and track progress for a solid understanding of the site