Crop Health Analysis


Real-time analysis of crop status and visualization of crop patterns leverage the UAVs’ extensive monitoring capabilities and technology parameters. This promises enhanced visibility of the farm land to dive deep into crop biomass, nitrogen status and yield estimation.

Vyomik’s solutions are built leveraging infrared, multispectral and hyper-spectral sensors that magnify the crop health and soil conditions. Targeting accurate measures and conditions, NDVI data such as Crop-Water Stress Index (CWSI), Canopy-Chlorophyll Content Index (CCCI) and more to bring out precious insights into crop health.

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The Boosting Advantages

  1. Capturing actionable data about crop fields
  2. Easy Assessment of Crop Health
  3. Precise Field Irrigation Status Reports
  4. Cost-efficient Crop Land Surveillance
  5. Smart and Flexible Cameras for Detailed Imagery
  6. Real-time Data Capture for Crop Health Analysis
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  1. Plant Stress Analysis
  2. Pest Analysis
  3. Plant Disease Analysis
  4. Weed Analysis
  5. Plant Stand Count
vyomik drones

Aerial Image Analysis by our experts churn out accurate data about crop condition and detect pest/weed infestation to keep diseases in check for healthy crop growth