Urban Planning


From large scale Rural Land Survey and Cadastral Mapping to Revenue Mapping- everything is surveyed by intelligent UAV solutions for townplanning, planning of roads, flyovers and large scale government structures.

vyomik drones

The Boosting Advantages

  1. Revolutionary Upgradation to Conventional Mapping
  2. Detailed Asset Mapping, Enhanced Governance
  3. Optimization of Digital Maps and Survey Artifacts
  4. Major Reduction in Capital Costs and Maintenance
  5. 52% Decrease in Time for Data Collection
  6. 61% More Accurate Measurement
  7. 13% Better Linear Coverage
  8. 35-90% Saving on Inspection Cost
  9. High Compatibility of 3D Models
  10. Real-time Streamlining for Urban Planning
vyomik drones


  1. DTM, DSM, Orthomosaic Maps
  2. 3D Point Cloud Data
  3. Watershed Analysis
  4. Project Photography and Videography
vyomik drones

Vyomik's GIS Expertise aids Land Digitization and Volumetric Survey offering unmatchable accuracy for quick and inventive Urban Planning